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Hypogeum – Medieval kiln

Via Cava, 99, 74123 Taranto TA



During the Middle Ages, the area of ​​Via Cava used to be teeming with life and was certainly the center of various functional productions for the city. The sources tell of the presence of several kilns dedicated to the production of commonly used ceramics, mostly glazed.

The production environment, probably datable to between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries A.D., still retains the presence of three cooking ovens of which we can only see the support surfaces and the tanks that were probably used for decanting the clay.

Many of the ceramic production kilns in the town (some of which owned by religious orders), almost certainly ceased their activity during the 1500s. In this period, in fact, much of the production was moved to the area of Porta Napoli because the use of via Cava (and the neighboring areas) as a residential place couldn’t coexist with this kind of productions that made the air unhealthy.

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Via Cava, 99, 74123 Taranto TA



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