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Church of St. Francesco di Paola

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The Church of San Francesco di Paola was consecrated in 1623 at the behest of Ludovico Montefuscoli, prelate and knight of the Order of Malta. It was built in the open countryside, in an area where there was a much older chapel dedicated to the “Madonna delle Grazie”.

The structure has been remodeled several times over the centuries both in volumes and in its aesthetic characteristics, especially after the earthquake of 1743.

The new main façade is the result of a much more recent restoration dating back to 1956. It is characterized, despite the classic sobriety of the lines, by the search for monumentalism.

The access to the interior space is anticipated by an unusual elliptical narthex (vestibule) protected from the road by heavy gates.

The internal sacred space, with a Latin cross plan, is divided into three naves along which there are two chapels. The small liturgical rooms preserve furnishings and ornaments from various eras that illustrate the change in fashion and artistic trends.

Definitely noteworthy are the chapel dedicated to St. Giuseppe and especially the one to San Giovanni Gualberto embellished by the splendid Baroque altar built in 1676.

The stone statue of the “Madonna delle Grazie” is remarkable and it is probably dated back to between the 16th and 17th centuries.

The interior decoration, rethought and reorganized several times over the centuries, gives the visitor the experience of multiple styles and overlapping artistic trends.

The fresco in the dome is an amazing piece of art, it is placed at the intersection of the arms of the naves in which the Glory of San Francesco di Paola by the Neapolitan artist Vincenzo Galoppi (1920) is depicted.

The church of San Francesco di Paola plays a very important role during the famous Procession of Mysteries, during the Rites of the Holy Week.

The procession departs from the Church of Carmine at 5.00 pm on Good Friday and it arrives there in the night to stop inside for about an hour. There stop gives the confreres the time to pray, refresh themselves and rest before resuming the second part of the journey which will end in the early morning of the Holy Saturday.

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Via Regina Elena, 44, 74123 Taranto TA



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