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Shopping in Taranto is an experience that can be lived in every corner of the city. All the neighborhoods are equipped with services and their “special shops” are able to make people live authentic experiences, satisfying even the most particular requests. We have selected four possible destinations for you, but we think it is best to experience the city and its many shopping streets by venturing through streets and squares and discoverig shops and boutiques.

Via Cesare Battisti

Shopping in Via Cesare Battisti is a special experience! Walking along this important city street will make you forget that you are a tourist, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the daily life of the inhabitants of one of the most densely populated neighborhoods of Taranto. Dozens of outlets interspersed with small bars, grocery stores and shops will make your experience in the city less touristic, giving you with the opportunity to conclude good deals.

The city center

Usually called “the center”, the area of ​​Via d’Aquino, Via di Palma and Via Anfiteatro have always been the “living room” of exclusive shopping in the city. The many stores will allow you to find the best brands and the authentic Made in Italy products that made the Italian fashion famous all over the world. Get ready because the showcases will attract you like a magnet while you enjoy a pleasant walk among magnificent buildings and bars where you can stop for an aperitif!

Viale Liguria

Forget the chains and single-brand stores, Viale Liguria is the right place for an authentic and all-round shopping experience. A walk through this vital and sometimes frenetic city street guarantees you the possibility to dedicate yourself to shopping while remaining far from the standard tourist routes. The many shops know how to satisfy all requests by ensuring competitive prices and an excellent selection of items.

Art and design

Taranto’s design sector is young and definitely creative. In recent years, it has begun to establish itself on the local and national scene. A walk by the artisan shops, run by young artists and designers, will let you breathe air of ​​internationality while remaining tied to local tradition. If you want to take home an art object or a piece of unique design you will not be disappointed!

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