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“La Vela” swamp

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The “La Vela” swamp, the center of the homonymous ecomuseum since 2005, is a protected area of ​​over one hundred hectares that houses traces of extraordinary biodiversity.

Overlooking the second breast of the Small Sea of Taranto, the important naturalistic treasure chest is characterized by the many plant species, including the glasswort (typical plants of the Mediterranean scrub) and the many spontaneous orchids.

The presence of an impermeable substrate has ensured the formation of a lake area. The proximity to the mouth of the nearby Canale d’Ayedda with its fresh waters, has made the area the perfect shelter for many species of birds that stop there during migrations or that, over time, have become permanent. The marsh area is in fact a place of shelter, reproduction or rest of egrets, spoonbills, sandpipers, curlews, shelducks, herons, osprey, a large colony of pink flamingos and the knight of Italy.

To the rich and varied biodiversity of avifauna is added the presence of a marine community of particular conservation value represented by the seahorses of the Small Sea, which represent one of the richest populations in the entire Mediterranean Sea as well as of various fish species and sea turtles.

The waters are the home of a large community of Pinna Nobilis known to be one of the largest bivalves in the Mediterranean Sea (it can in fact exceed one meter in height) whose filaments were formerly used for the production of Bisso, called the Silk of the Sea. The production of this rare and precious yarn has been almost completely lost as a result of the protection regulations of the Pinna Nobilis, but it is possible to admire some ancient Tarantine artifacts in the rooms of the MuDi, the Diocesan Museum of Taranto.

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SP78, km 1, 74121 Taranto TA



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