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Taranto, the capital of Magna Graecia, has a multimillennialhistory and wealth which can be easily appreciated in each and every corner of its rich (and sometimes too intricate) set of streets.There are many archaeological attractors capable of letting you re-live the rich and glorious past of thiscity. Churches, Palaces and Museums are kaleidoscopic boxesfull of rare and beautiful artand undeniable worth. Its popular traditions, passed down through generations, are as ancient as they are still alive and even today, they’re capable of affecting us with their simplicity.

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Taranto offers authentic cultural experiences without ever neglecting its strong bond with the two seas full of life and ready to take care of relax lovers.

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“La Vela” swamp

Acclavio Library – Bestat square

Archita Palace – Office building

Bank of Italy

Basilica Cathedral of St. Cataldo

Chamber tomb in Via Pio XII

Church of Carmine

Church of St. Antonio

Church of St. Francesco di Paola

Church of St. Pasquale Babylon

Church of the Holy Cross

Co-Cathedral “Gran Madre di Dio”

Convent of St. Antonio

Convent of St. Domenico

Crypt of the Redeemer

D’Ayala Valva Palace

Funerary hypogeum

Government Palace

Hypogeum – Medieval kiln

Hypogeum – Oil mill

Military Hospital – Historical Garden – Roman Chapel

Necropolis of Via Marche

Neo-gothic Chapel – St. Francesco di Paola (at the village)

Piazza Castello

Piazza della Vittoria

Piazza Ebalia

Piazza Fontana

Piazza Maria Immacolata

Post Office Building

Promenade Vittorio Emanuele III

Rotunda “Marinai d’Italia”

Ruins of the Greek Temple

Sant’Egidio Art Gallery

The Aragonese Castle

The Aragonese walls

The House of Fascism

The MArTa Museum

The monument to the Sailor

The Navy Yard – historical crafts exhibition of Taranto’s Navy Yard

The small Funerary Basilica

The Swing Bridge “San Francesco di Paola” / Navigable Canale

The two Columns of the Doric temple

Via Cava

Via Duomo


Hotel Virgilio Ristorante

V.le Virgilio 2/b, Taranto

B&B - Mare

B&B Biblos e Mare

Via Attinie 21, San Vito TA


B&B Silvana

Via Carlo Sforza 3, Taranto


Baja delle Sirene

Via G. Paisiello 56, Taranto


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